Burning Codes – Speaking In Code

In what may prove a shock to those sold on Paul Archer’s quiet classic’s ‘Burning Codes 2‘ highlights the Belfast man’s new tendency to freewheel. The volume has risen and a new vibrancy emerges, none more so than on the opening track ‘Speaking In Code’. This is Burning Codes playing it at breakneck speed, including a volley of tunesome chords that never let up with Archer’s vocals proving a fine riposte. The track vividly portrays a deep imagination borne out of the simplest of sounds. Elsewhere you’ll find the Burning Codes of old, all contemplative and imaginatively constructed. ‘Burning Codes 2’ deserves as much love as the love that can be found within the contours of its 11 beautiful tracks. It is available on Indiecater from today for the princely sum of €4. KD

Burning Codes – Speaking In Code

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Year: 2010

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