Golden Ages – Right Season

In the nineties we were quite the dancers, not exactly glo-stick wielding but apostles to the cause as espoused by Underworld, Orbital and, circa their debut album, the Chemical Brothers. It showed us that dance/electronic music could have a message, could be just as inventive as its guitar laden equivalent and crucially that it could be durable. Which brings us neatly to Golden Ages and their debut album ‘Tradition’ which has just been released on Indiecater. This is youthful vigour cascading from your speakers, a huge swathe of sound with the ability to shake even the most laboured from their slumber. Golden Ages have not only tapped into the zeitgeist they’re already mapping the future with their slinky pulses of noise. We’re just glad to be part of it. KD

Golden Ages – Right Season

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Year: 2010

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