Surfer Blood – Catholic Pagans

Here is a band it seems that really deserve all the slavish critical adulation that is currently being bestowed on them. And funny then when you hear their music that you probably think you’ve heard it all before. That’s because they’ve got the classic indie rock template down to a T. So the spangly guitar chords are central to proceedings, without them there would be an aching chasm, not that John Paul Pitts vocals aren’t pretty because they are but they need the rich melodic lines to maximise their impact. ‘Catholic Pagans’ is close to faultless, something the Shins might concoct on a good day trying their hardest to sound like Pavement. The dynamics are expertly constructed, the ebb and flow helping to push this into the realm of greatness. With this on the speakers you might just swing your nose just like you just don’t care and no one could blame you. KD

Surfer Blood – Catholic Pagans

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Year: 2010

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