The Van Allen Belt – The Way You Look

I guess they’re too wacky, too cerebral, too funny or too damn talented to have wide appeal but it constantly hurts my head when I think what might be for Pittsburgh’s the Van Allen Belt. They are quite unlike anything else, a smorgasbord of electric ideas swilling around lavish arrangements and a singer who has the personality and looks to steal the show all on her own. We’ve dallied with their releases via Indiecater but there is lots more to take in, namely their latest opus ‘Superpowerfragilis’ which takes off from where ‘Meal Ticket To Purgatory‘ left off. Namely an hallucinogenic take on Motown with words that hilariously poke the eye out of this ridiculous world we live in. ‘The Way You Look’ is just ravishing, a tour de force of invention. Take them to your bosom, breastfeed if the mood takes you. KD

The Van Allen Belt – The Way You Look

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Year: 2010

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