Baffin Island – You Make Two Weeks Two Days

Baffin Island, the not so mystical isle where Boise’s the Very Most and Glasgow’s the Hermit Crabs decided to pitch up and record a song together via the internet is also the name the collaborating indie pop forces christened the union. It’s strange hearing a jeremyless Very Most song but then if one was to think about it for a minute not many things in life are sweeter than Melanie Whistle’s voice. ‘You Make Two Weeks Two Days’ can be found on the ‘Between The Waves’ compilation put together by the Norwegian net label Eardrums Pop. For a couple of years now we’ve admired this label from afar and its high-time we high-fived their wonderful output (which is always free to download). On a less pleasing note plans for Baffin to launch ‘You Make Two Weeks Two Days’ in downtown Iqaluit seemed to have backfired as part of the island’s ice-shelf slipped into the sea as a direct consequence of its sunny harmonies. KD

Baffin Island – You Make Two Weeks Two Days

Get Between The Waves: Compilation
Year: 2010

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