Unsparing Sea – Diamond Caverns

Unsparing Sea operate in a parallel universe. I have gleaned this from our meagre and often one-sided communications, but despite the hurt (not really) I can’t help falling for their lopsided junkets into the unknown. There no mistaking that this is indeed odd music, not the sort that occupies daytime playlisters attentions, more something Donal Dineen would pour over as he swigs from his 6th coffee of the night. It’s taken from the band’s sophomore ‘In The Diamond Caverns’ which if anything tops its awkwardly brilliant predecessor ‘A Cloud in the Cathedral’. J.R. Bennett plays the recluse who discovers the world so well and his discoveries are ably illustrated by the sumptuously textured music. Magical. KD

Unsparing Sea – Diamond Caverns

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Year: 2009

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