The Boxer Rebellion – Flashing Red Light Means Go

Can’t remember if it was Morrissey or Noel Gallagher (or someone similar with a poor track record in spotting new talent) who said that the Boxer Rebellion would be ones to watch. This generally reads that they are to be avoided like the plague but perhaps on the evidence of this song there is something special going on. And even then things start out so generic to the point of blandness, the song doesn’t reach old skool Radiohead neck hairs on end until well into its second minute. By then however, anything goes and ‘Flashing Red Light Means Go’ reaches for the jugular. Must have made quite the opening on the band’s second LP ‘Union’ and I shall for one shall keep my ears pricked for the follow-up which the London act are currently in the process of recording. So very special. KD

The Boxer Rebellion – Flashing Red Light Means Go

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Year: 2009

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