Kickin It With Fast Forward – A World Cup Compilation!

Well, you are going to have bear with me for the next couple of days as I endlessly plug the newest Indiecater release. The reason is two fold owing to its football themed matter and the fact that it contains many of the bands that make our world go round. We’ve called it ‘Fast Forward‘ because it contains a corresponding entry for every country that is going to be playing in the World Cup in South Africa next month. We’ve cleared the decks and bought in the beer so that our daily feast of super football can be thoroughly enjoyed well into July. What we thought was missing was some tunes to colour the occasion so now there are 32 of them to be had on ‘Fast Forward’. And all it costs is the price of a rubbish football or 5 euro for those who don’t know how much such things cost. To get you in the mood here is a mandolin infused ditty from Italian popsters Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, it’s so sweet. ‘Fast Forward’ is streaming in full on the Indiecater site so that even the poor, the tight-fisted and those put upon illegal downloaders can appreciate it. KD

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes – Don’t Get Fooled By the Football Players’ Summery Outfit

More Info: Football Comp & Le Man Avec Les Lunettes
Buy Songs: Fast Forward
Year: 2010

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