Kenseth Thibideau – Black Hole

Kenseth Thibideau
6 days in and thusfar the World Cup has been a major let down. Low scoring, sans drama, the hosts as good as out and then Spain go and lose to those pesky Swiss (I’m an Ireland supporter so am qualified to make this statement) today. Things can only get better I suppose and if it doesn’t it will truly leave a black hole in my heart. Which is right where Kenseth Thibideau’s new album ‘Repetition’ (out next month on Temporary Residence) kicks off funnily enough. I’ve only heard excerpts and don’t know any of his previous work but this has the makings of a wonderful album. Broadly instrumental it reminds me of early Spiritualized (with Jah Wobble in the next room) with perhaps a tad less reverb. Thibideau’s vocals while largely incidental slot impeccably into the woozy reflections. It’s so meditative you may even start believing that the world’s best footballers will start to master the Jabulani before July 12. KD

Kenseth Thibideau – Black Hole

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Year: 2010

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