The Wedding Present – Dalliance

Y’know with the endless search for the brightest new things it is easy to forgot ones roots, as in the bands that spun personal taste in a lifelong direction. The Wedding Present were instrumental in my formative years, specifically that iconic cover arted ‘George Best’. I’d spotted the cassette in the hands of 2 cool girls on the bus on the way home from college and I was completely smitten. Can remember been surprised at the rough production, the fact that every song sounded the same and how the guitar player was able to pick his notes at such speed. Pretty soon I understood what a classic it was. That said ‘Seamonsters’ remains my favourite from the band and nothing has ever quite compared to that album’s opener ‘Dalliance’. So tuneful early doors and so openly caustic for the second half it pretty much summarises the Wedding Present. Love lost over a tune with sweeping melodies and artfully turned out impassioned chords. KD

The Wedding Present – Dalliance

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Year: 1991

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