South Ambulance – Simple Obligation Of A Man

Given that most people with a lust for melody tend to look to Sweden for their kicks it was a bit of a no-brainer when the opportunity arose to work with a band from there. The fact that said band were one that we’d tracked for years, one that had released a near perfect ode to shoegazeism on a dream record label named after a canine merely sweetened the deal. That was 2009 and we’re now onto our 3rd release together and our love affair with South Ambulance is getting serious. They’ve matured as a band so the themes are getting more serious without losing any of their innate humour. What hasn’t changed though is their grasp on writing the perfect tune, a tune that you’ll hum until dawn breaks and the birds take over. Here is a taster from EP#6 which is available for download on Indiecater for a pocket cuddling 3 euro. KD

South Ambulance – Simple Obligation Of A Man

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Year: 2010

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