Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! – Little Cowboys, Bad Hombres

Today I slaughtered 83 songs. Gave them all a good hearing but none shifted something inside so strong to make another moment in their company appear like a decent plan. Only when I had reached number 84 did I find the sunshine that will grace this site today. It was a particularly nasty cull it must be said (about 40% above the average daily rate of disposal) and before you go labelling me some form of
trainspotter for counting the deleted it was achieved rather niftily by reflecting on the spilled contents of my computer’s recycle bin. The wastrels included a few albums but were in the main from the creative processes of lots of individual bands which really illustrates the nasty side of the music bloggers psyche. One cannot be swayed by the often lovely missives from eager young bands; otherwise the filter would sprout leaks (!) and whatever identity that had formed would be diluted. Despite the mp3 genocide this exercise is one that I treasure and is not too dissimilar to the press record/play actions of yore wherein songs would be skipped in favour of those that could fill the 2:42 of spool that was vacant. There was no blood spilt of course but the process of natural selection still thrived. So it seems I’ve evolved quite well to row in with the shuffle generation, so much so that if someone asked me to recommend a handful of bands I would need to sit down and think. Believe me such a turn of events beats waiting for the postman to arrive from Fat Cat with Pavement’s latest. So tomorrow will again be soundtracked by the tiny and slightly unsettling squeal of dying ones and zeros followed by the uproarious hugger seal of approval. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! (from dusty Adelaide) proving why they are better than the rest (well at least 83 of them anyway). KD

Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! – Little Cowboys, Bad Hombres

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Year: 2010

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  1. Anonymous
    August 29, 2010

    wow great song must’ve been an intense cull!

  2. August 29, 2010

    Issac: There was the ok, the bad and the ugly.

    Anon: I was in one of those moods.

  3. Anonymous
    September 1, 2010

    Nice found this one straight away, it gets alot of radio play – cheers for posting it

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