PS I Love You – 2012

This may well be more boners than bono but that doesn’t stop Canadian duo PS I Love You sounding like October era U2. The similarity is stark and may even be coincidental but the ghost of a creative edge and a youthful hewson lingers throughout. Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson are undoubtedly more experimental and the very fact that they are just two makes their songs cinematic feel all the more impressive. These 2 tracks are taken from their upcoming debut LP on Paper Bag Records and if it lives up to these tasters it will be something to savour. There is more kick in these efforts than a full squad of Dutch footballers and more finesse than the same number of Spaniards. Sonic invention rarely sounds this beautiful, gloriass even. KD

PS I Love You – Butterflies and Boners

PS I Love You – 2012

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