She Sir – Lemongrass

We think we’ve got dream/indie pop down to a tittle so our next assignment was to uncover some contemporary shoegaze that was deserving of that particular classification. You see the aforementioned genres are the pillars of our musical taste, without them all that would be left would be quite a few unplayed 7-inch’s from the mid-eighties. So with as much fanfare as can be reasonably expected from a couple words casually written on an online musical diary we proudly present She Sir from Austin, Texas. ‘Yens‘ is only their second EP in 7 years which perhaps explains why each of its 4 tracks is so flawlessly executed. ‘Lemongrass’, the second track, will show you the way and clicking this right here will land you at the final destination.KD

She Sir – Lemongrass

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Year: 2010

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