Tears Run Rings – Reunion

If there was one band I could wrestle to the ground and not let go of until they signed their recording lives away to Indiecater it would probably be Tears Run Rings. They unashamedly ape ye olde sound of shoegaze but do so with such verve (!) it’s impossible to gripe. So far it’s their take on Slowdive that has entranced us but with new album ‘Distance’ just over the brow of the hill they are revealing more of themselves. In the case of ‘Reunion’ it’s a picture perfect postcard from the shimmering whirlpool containing an adorable version of Chapterhouse. The tune gallops through a slew of knowing reference points and is fuelled with so much enthusiasm it may very well test veteran subwoofers to their limits. Nostalgia finally shakes its arthritic ways and breezes nonchalantly into the new century. KD

Tears Run Rings – Reunion

and just to show you how it used to be…..so beautiful…..must go for a small cry…..

Adorable – Homeboy

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Year: 2010

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