The Rosie Taylor Project – The Sun On My Right

I researched and then concluded that the only bands I’ve ever liked from Leeds are the Pale Saints and the Wedding Present. Was surprised to find out a few others that came from there but somehow I’ve never been that way inclined (Gang of Four being a prime example). But now thanks to the Rosie Taylor Project I have a neat hat-trick of acts from that part of the world to salivate over (I was surprised to find out they’d appeared here 2 years ago, fading memory). They are what you might call subtle, going about their business quietly but with a magician’s hat of joyful tricks in tow. ‘The Sun On My Right’ had me hooked almost instantly, sporting an almost obvious personality that is nonetheless completely fresh. Their label Bad Sneakers needn’t worry about uncovering any other gems because if there is any justice at all the Rosie Taylor Project will be doing all the running for them. KD

The Rosie Taylor Project – The Sun On My Right

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Year: 2008

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