Washed Out – You'll See It

The suits ask us through elephant tears where the next stars will come from if the money continues to leak from the industry. Well, Mister Suit, it is still being spent but this time round it’s not just your pockets that are bulging. The truth of course was that most of the best music was always recorded by bands with a hole in the arse of their pants. Once the meagre resources ran out, the clock-in card ran back in. Thankfully today’s creatives can put together a tasty little package for the price of a fast food coffee. Acts like Washed Out (Ernest Greene) recorded his ‘Life of Leisure’ EP in a backroom of his parents gaff and now his endeavour is reaping rewards as Mexican Summer have turned it into a piece of precious vinyl (sold out too). ‘You’ll See It’ from side 2 is remarkable, a gorgeous piece of electronica that bears endless repeats with ease. KD

Washed Out – You’ll See It

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Year: 2009

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