Diana Sowle – Cheer Up, Charlie

Yeah it my favourite film by a wide margin and yeah I watch it at Christmas every year (Easter, Paddy’s and the odd Tuesday too). Luckily Mrs Hugger is equally enamoured as will baby hugger once we’ve brainwashed her. Of course it helps that the movie’s OST is perfect, as sweet as the goods from the factory and as cruel as the 4 losing kids. Forget about Depp’s update, it couldn’t possibly compete if it had been 10 times better. There’s magic all around, just one of a kind that won’t be bettered. KD

Diana Sowle – Cheer Up, Charlie

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Year: 1971

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  1. November 1, 2010

    Just thought of your love of this movie as I listened to “The Only Pretty Ring Time” today (for some reason).

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