Flowers Of Hell – O

Although I can be quite the crank when hungover, inside I am just another lonely soul on the lookout for something to soundtrack my elongated stares on the desolate prairie outside. Sigur Ros or Explosions In The Sky normally fill the gap but today as brain outbeats racing heart Flowers of Hell took on the onerous task of providing solace pre the inevitable delirium tremens action tonight. Can’t believe I’ve missed Flowers of Hell up to this point given their cinematic range and the hugely impressive list of collaborators (Spiritualized, Spacemen 3, British Sea Power”¦). The band is led by ever-constant Greg Jarvis who has a trained eye for grand sonic statements (he is a synaesthete who sees/perceives sounds as shapes) which unsuprisingly caught the ear of MBV along the way (they toured together in 2008). ‘O’ is the latest release, a 45-minute piece of slow building mournful montages. It is utterly affecting (within or outside the ravages of a post alcohol haze), as you’ll soon discover from the sampler below. Those who fell for BSP’s ‘Man of Aran’ are in for a treat. KD

Flowers Of Hell – O

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Year: 2010

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