The Lemon Trees – Let It Loose

After a particularly dusty session in the attic searching for the upcoming reissue on Indiecater (it’s a goodie from the Sewing Room) I came across ‘Open Book’ by the Lemon Trees. Couldn’t believe that it’s 17 years old but then chief songwriter Guy Chambers has been quite the busy boy since that incandescent piece of pop shipped from his mind. For you see there would not have been a Robbie Williams solo career were it not for Mr. Chambers input (he co-wrote many of Williams’ monster hits). That transgression aside it’s difficult not to sink to ones knees and praise the gods for the Lemon Trees one and only LP (a second was recorded but never released), which sparkled with several of the best songs of the 90’s (really). ‘Let It Loose’ is one of them, a combine harvester of a tune, laden with so much ripe melody it could power a whole village through its environmentally friendly yet explosive pop fusion. KD

The Lemon Trees – Let It Loose

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Year: 1993

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