Retribution Gospel Choir – Hide It Away

Hard to mistake that voice but then that’s where the similarity with Alan Sparhawk’s Low ends, for Retribution Gospel Choir are an utterly euphoric entity. The song opens the 3-piece’s (which includes fellow Low player Eric Pollard) second LP ‘2’ in cinematic fashion with guitars crunching furiously as the percussion marches along in time. It could likely scare those enamoured by Low’s slow funereal march as Sparhawk obliterates cobwebs as the song reaches its cavernous crescendo. Somewhat unforgiveably I keep hearing Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’ as the chords unleash their white knuckled fury. KD

Retribution Gospel Choir – Hide It Away

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Year: 2010

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  1. October 11, 2010

    Not bad. But as for me, the guitar is dirty.

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