The Soundscapes – Here's When

I’ve said it a thousand times before and I know it could well be because I was a young student at the time but ’89 to ’93 are the years that I look back on as the last great period for music. Genre’s sprouted from nowhere and disappeared overnight as did many of the bands but there are dozens of great records from then that still sound illuminating. You only have to listen to Cymbals Eat Guitars to understand the influence of that time. The Soundscapes from Sao Paulo (brothers Raphael and Rodrigo Carvalho, now domiciled in New York) are obviously of the same opinion because ‘Here’s When’ reeks of that early 90’s spirit. The primary reference point is Ride, that dreamy combo from Oxford who for their first 2 albums at least were untouchable. ‘Here’s When’ hardly suffers from its muddy production because its guitar lines are so sleek, the piece de resistance comes via the twin vocals that create swirling and quite beautiful harmonies. Wonderful. KD

The Soundscapes – Here’s When

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Year: 2008

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