I ♥ The Monster Hero – Fuckfuck Yourself

This is indeed a dirty squall and against most people’s better judgement it doesn’t actually originate from deepest L.A. circa the Smell. Who’d have given Dublin a chance at producing something this experimentally lo-fi for your hi-fi (ok maybe Bobby from Dublin Duck Dispensary also fits the bill) yet Andy (from no surname land) of I ♥ The Monster Hero has not only achieved the feat but also pointed two well aimed fingers at the parts of the internet that can’t deal with characters shaped like a heart. Makes for day long searches but who cares when the ‘Loveheart’ EP is blazing a trail inside ones head. The EP is not all glorious loud noise either, there is a little gem called ‘Little Gem’ that reveals this monster hero has a soft kong inside. ‘Fuckfuck Yourself’ is the cream though because it exhibits extreme korg tendencies and such behaviour leaves us with no option but to roll out the failte doormat. KD

I ♥ The Monster Hero – Fuckfuck Yourself

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Year: 2009

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