The Leisure Society – Inchworm

Apart from every evening at bedtime I can’t imagine a better time of the year for ‘Sing Me To Sleep (Indie Lullabies)’, an utterly charming release from American Laundromat Recordings. The label chose some of indie’s leading lights and asked them to record a tune in the form of a lullaby (with all proceeds going to the Valerie Fund for sick children). Some of the bands went for reworks on traditional standards, while others went for indie/elsewhere classics. The results are uniformly brilliant and little hugger seems set up for several years (what will Daddy do?) worth of journeys to nod nod land. Experimenting with the 21 tracks it seemed that the Leisure Society’s ‘Inchworm’ (Hans Christian Anderson) had the most soothing effect, by the time it had raised the tempo our little feast of cuddles had already been transported to the jelly sea. KD

The Leisure Society – Inchworm

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Year: 2010

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  1. IWO
    November 15, 2010

    divine comedy-esque.

    want to go to sleep now and dream of white xmas

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