Zola Jesus – Sea Talk

The very fact that an act can sound unique is probably enough to win a decent share of hearts but when that’s combined it with a modicum of talent you are talking sensation. A paucity of genuine thrills tends to multiply the effect yet for all the generic sounds there will always be acts that defy convention and plough their own furrow. Zola Jesus (a young lady from Wisconsin) certainly fits the bill and having toured with both Fever Ray and Xiu Xiu she is perhaps acutely aware of her own standing. Her newest LP ‘Stridulum II’ appears more a collection of earlier tracks and a couple of unreleased ones but nothing can hide the fact that this is a unique talent. Perhaps even a once in a generation one, the rich man’s Florence and the Machine if you will. ‘Sea Talk’ is stunning and non-conventional yet utterly capable of stirring feelings of hysteria. KD

Zola Jesus – Sea Talk

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Year: 2010

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