Idlewild – Quiet Crown

Is 2 great records enough to make a great band? The answer is quite simple really and it goes something like yes and no. Yes, Idlewild appeared to be onto something really special after their 2nd and 3rd (‘Hope Is Important’ & ‘100 Broken Windows’) releases announced an act unafraid of tearing strips off the walls in pursuit of the perfect melody. And no because since ‘100 Broken Windows’ they’ve increasing tarnished what was shaping up to be a distinguished legacy. God knows how you’d classify them at this stage, boring probably sums it up best. And this from a creative that wrote songs like ‘Quiet Crown’ which for a while (during a long sojourn in Bali) had us staring dewy eyed into the sinking evening sun. Still gives me tingles. KD

Idlewild – Quiet Crown

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Year: 2000

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