Ohbijou – Last Christmas

You’ve gotta credit Ohbijou for coming away from this cover of Wham’s sonic demigod with little or no eggnog on their faces (the slight drift into munchkin vocal early on excepted). It’s not that they’ve altered the piece that radically but by infusing it with their own quirks it gives ‘Last Christmas’ a new lease of life. The strings certainly add a touch of class but almost despite myself I keep drifting back to the land of Oz. Perhaps that is something Ohbijou are aiming for because they recently recorded a lullaby version of ‘Dear Prudence’ for the really sweet compilation ‘Sing Me To Sleep ““ Indie Lullabies’. All told a quiet success.

P.S. There is about a foot of snow outside our door here in Dublin so I feel no embarrassment whatsoever in admitting that I’m about to see if the fairy lights from last year are still working? Hooray. KD

Ohbijou – Last Christmas

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Year: 2009

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  1. December 2, 2010

    digging this track. the girl singing has nice enunciation.

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