Beach House – Zebra

One of the things I am looking forward to most in 2011 is spending more time with LP’s rather than just jumping into hammock with any loose mp3 I can get my grubby little hands on. Goes with the territory of having more time to do such things I guess but then I won’t be depending on adverts from the makers of the black stuff to inform my ears to bands as special as Beach House. I’d twigged their gift as far back as ‘Master of None’ but our contact since then has been fleeting especially since the lead track from last year’s ‘Teen Dream’ (‘Norway’) was such a stilted affair. The aforementioned ’10 Mile Stereo’ is of course a better indication of the album’s worth, even better though is album opener ‘Zebra’ ““ a song that earns its stripes through elegantly turned out jangle and queen Vic’s sumptuous presence. KD

Beach House – Zebra

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Year: 2010

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