Go Panda Go – DeCoded

Aside from the slightly wobbly vocal entrance there is probably not going to be many Irish songs in 2011 to top this epic, yet fluffy, effort from the west of Ireland collective known as Go Panda Go. Adopting a less frenetic approach than quirky pop merchants Grand Pocket Orchestra probably helps but they also spend a lot of effort during the 3:40 throwing all manner of fluffy spanners in the works. And thankfully for the most part it does, really well in fact. This is potentially blogger gold, all they’ll have to do is knock on plenty of doors and the bespeckled masses will come a runnin’. Go Panda Go’s self-titled debut EP is available on Bluestack Records who reportedly signed the band on the promise of a couple of bales of bamboo shoots. KD

Go Panda Go – DeCoded

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Year: 2010

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