The Radio Dept. – The One

You could be forgiven for thinking they were quietly slipping us handfuls of krona such is our undivided love for Swedish label Labrador. The thing that you have not figured on though is that our currency is quality music and when it comes to this label there is a giant vault of the stuff. One of their leading lights is the Radio Dept. who’ve been dropping classic indie singles for the longest time (9 years to be precise) so it made sense for the double CD ‘Passive Aggressive: Singles 2002 – 2010-B Sides’ to surface. You won’t like every inch of it but there will be parts that you’ll hold to your breast like your first born. ‘The One’ is a recent recording, coming from last years ‘Never Follow Suit’ EP, and while it lacks the ebullience of the Radio Dept.’s best material it none the less holds courts in tingleville during its short passage. Love this band. Now hand over the reddies Johan. KD

The Radio Dept. – The One

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Year: 2011

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