Spirit Spine – Ocean of Sand

Seems right that what follows Faust’s devastating newbie is from a young gun who travels by the name of Spirit Spine. Joseph Denney runs the show and he’s been making quite stirrings of admiration for the last couple of years. His new album, titled ‘Glossolalia’, has a central theme of a crash landing in a desert and the attempts of our hero survivor to escape the unforgiving wilderness. Not surprising then that Denney has dubbed the music sandgaze, but from what I’ve heard it sounds bigger than any genre that has the word gaze in it. Spirit Spine has done an about turn as a musical force, whereas once he peered from the long grass as fertilized by Animal Collective he has now created a singular field of his own. ‘Ocean of Sand’ is haunting, a roll of quiet industrial thunder that slowly builds to a cinematic crescendo. Not quite Krautrock, more like what Krautrock did next. KD

Spirit Spine – Ocean of Sand

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Year: 2011

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