Yellow Ostrich – WHALE

Nothing remarkable about bands giving their music away for free (will U2 ever?) but a welcome development has been the rise of the LP (as in the vinyl frontier) release in tandem with the digital file free for all (unless you are a generous tipper). One such is Alex Schaaf and his project Yellow Ostrich which reveals a man at the height of his creative prowess. His latest in a increasingly long line of releases is ‘The Mistress’. Schaaf uses a form of acapella with all manner of loops/electronic wizardry to fill in the background and while that avenue might initially appear cul-de-sac like he nonetheless mines the genre wonderfully. The caps locked ‘WHALE’ is a delight and if rumours are to be believed will perfectly enhance Spielberg’s mooted remake of the Old Man and the Sea. KD

Yellow Ostrich – WHALE

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Year: 2010

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