Remington Super 60 – The Lonely Cowboy

With the house finally quiet after a day of crashing toys, spit dummies and banana mashed between freshly varnished floorboards I have to choose carefully so that the tiny earthquake is not awoken by an unmerciful indie racket. A song that would not rankle, something that could have fit nicely on that brill indie lullabies comp we’ve mentioned a few times and has the inherent power to encourage heavy eyelids rather than tonsil stretching. Aha (they’re Norweigan so I can say that), it has gotta be Remington Super 60’s ‘The Lonely Cowboy’ instrumental which is part of their free ‘Winter’ EP. You’ll remember this band for their ace Christmas song ‘Here Comes Christmas’ (which appeared on our Christmas comp last year) so it seems that they are most happy during the colder months. This is just timeless and something I’ll be feeding the little urchin when she wakes from her slumber on the morrow. KD

Remington Super 60 – The Lonely Cowboy

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Year: 2010

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