Dosh – Number 41

Oh dear I thought to myself, some hip hop has slipped through my no-hip-hop-need-apply filters. Before I could react accordingly ‘Number 41’ was beginning to sound as good as a +1 so deletions were suspended temporarily. The voice you hear on Martin Dosh’s song (from last year’s ‘Tommy’) is the familiar chirp of Andrew Bird but it could well be the grizzled music that stays with you. Not that the rough is alone as ‘Number 41’ also includes a little bit of the smooth as evidenced by the caterpillar piano, jerky acoustic chords and the odd glockenspiel interjection. This is ugly beauty of the best kind, a crumbling facade that reveals a thriving metropolis after you take the second left after the bunker. KD

Dosh – Number 41

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Year: 2010

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