The Light Footwork – Rock Island Arsenal

My favourite bit of this song is when Becca Wilhelm’s voice enters the fray within the first minute. A classic indie pop moment and one that the rest of the piece works hard, but narrowly fails, to top. Seems the other half of the Light Footwork Jay Underwood spent a good deal of time in Ireland which meant the distance between Light Footwork records was extremely spacious (not like a Celtic Tiger box apartment). The debut One State Two State arrived in 2006 and was no so quickly followed up by National Historic Landmarks just last year. The wait meant that their original fans had grown up and had children which in theory should have netted them twice as many listeners given the subtle and delightful nuances of Rock Island Arsenal. KD

The Light Footwork – Rock Island Arsenal

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Year: 2010

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  1. February 18, 2011

    Knew Jay when he was here in Ireland in UL, great stuff!!

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