Gypsy & The Cat – Time To Wander

Must be running out of word combo’s for band names such is the variety of naff ones that are appearing of late. Quite important for the initial interest pique but once the music takes centre stage such things quickly take a backseat role. So I wasn’t expecting much from the Gypsy & the Cat video on Jim Carroll’s On The Record blog but crikey did it win me over in super quick time. Not so much the visuals but ‘Time To Wander’ as a piece of music is simply magical. Appears to be the best by a long distance to have emerged from the recently formed Melbourne duo of Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers. Both were previously dance DJ’s and while ‘Time To Wander’ does have a nice beat filled dynamism it scores higher in the chorus department which is close to transcendental. Could be another breakout from that city in the vein of the Temper Trap, let’s hope they have more in their pan that this nugget of gold. KD

Gypsy & The Cat – Time To Wander

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Year: 2010

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