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Motel De Moka,
7iete Pulgadas,
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2 U I Bestow,

I’m in a state of flux, a real torture garden. I’m hoping this is just your daily growl? Your accusation that my fingertips were untoward is very upsetting. I don’t want to state the captain obvious but as a regular visitor I believe your establishment to be an epitonic for the senses. We had pretty much amazing pasta prima and the best tuna in your indie rock cafe. Despite the waiter trying to hurry us with his quick before it melts advice it really rawked. But for a brooklyn vegan like me, I would have really appreciated more swedes (please) on the menu.

Whilst asleep on the compost heap (dead to the world before the first kiss, despite the soft velvet sheets there was no aurgasm or das klienicum I’m afraid) we were awoken by a very loud obscure sound, like a gorilla vs bear vs blue walrus argument. It was so loud my eardrums popped. We initially thought it was a rowdy aquarium drunkard but thankfully it stopped soon afterwards so ended up being harmless noise. The consequence of the sound however meant I needed a drink so off I went in search of the coke machine glow. I found a cat bird seat and listened to tiny mix tapes on my yellow stereo. Didn’t think it was too loud but the night porter was like a muzzle of bees. Told him I just liked music of the moment but he asked for so much silence. Hear ya I said and being a large hearted boy he gave me 5 acts more before I had to cut it. Unfortunately one of them was MBV and he scowled that it was like music for kids who can’t read good. Let me tell you at that point all things went off. We both took lots of hits in the katarokkar and cribble, me so badly I guess I was floating. Two days later and I’m still feeling under the radar and can’t even pick my nose. I really can’t help it if I heart music. And anyway he was no modest bear (a toad if truth be told), Neil I think his name was, a bit of a slowcoustic daytrotter if you ask me. And there he was telling me I was no picasso. That’s when I finally weekly decked him. Dropped like a needle he did. When he stood up he had *sixeyes. Thankfully next morning everybody understood and were even indiemused. Even better when they sided with me, I guess we all want someone to shout for. I know I am a bit of skatterbrain and I sound like a gramophone but I’m not the vinyl villian of the piece. I have an oh so famous friend who would like to put it on the record and give better propaganda of my good character.

Hope you can forgive me (remember heaven is above your head) and I don’t want to beat the indie violin but I do hope the coast is clear for me to return?

Yours truly,


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  1. Jeremy Jensen
    February 4, 2011

    From now on, all blogrolls not in the form of a letter will be immediately deemed lame.

  2. pepe
    February 4, 2011

    damn you mr kd.

  3. hugger
    February 4, 2011

    If you want to be part of this blogroll storyboard just make up a line with the name of your blog that fits in seamlessly with the above. Only the creative will survive though!

  4. February 5, 2011

    God how I wish I could be this clever.

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