Symposium – Drink The Sunshine

Even though I was fairly fresh faced myself when Symposium were at the peak of their powers (mid to late 90’s) I recall thinking how much more fresh faced they appeared to be. I guess it was a consequence of their age for they were mere teens when the music press and what passed for internet (I’m wildly guessing) in 1996 fell for their live antics and cartoon punk anthems. Nothing really struck me as much as their debut single ‘Drink The Sunshine’ however, the rest just came across as watered down versions of that first high. There was some mainstream chart action for the band and an NME brats tour but ultimately the fizzle out was well and truly under way towards the end of the century. A case against the argument that youth is wasted on the young. KD

Symposium – Drink The Sunshine

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Year: 1996

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  1. Paddy
    February 19, 2011

    Alright Kevin,
    Symposium played the In The City festival the same year Sunbear didback in de 90s!. They were actually voted best band in it that year by “industry” people. I think we came a credible 4th in that poll. Not bad.
    ps – Tin Charm sounding well. Progressing just nicely.

    • hugger
      February 20, 2011

      Only 4th Paddy, if there any justice you’d have been in the medals. Looking forward to that new project!

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