The Wind Whistles – Art And Work

Ahhh, weren’t Saturday mornings just made for twee pop? Well, they are round our place as the unpleasantness of mon/fri seems like a distant memory and with the next instalment still far in the distance it seems wholly appropriate to remain shoeless for the day. As we scan the fridge for benefits slight but really enjoyable tunes rise from speakers not designed to exploit lossless formats. The Wind Whistles and their freely available goods fit the bill perfectly, who cares if the vocals drift in and out of tune this is heavenly (!) stuff. The only thing that could spoil it is the fire alarm at the point where fried materials reach the end of their nutritional life due to smoke inhalation. Until then though we’ll smile at the pleasant background sound and wish that days like this will last forever. KD

The Wind Whistles – Art And Work

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Year: 2009

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