The Gorgeous Colours – Locksmith

You read a lot of guff written about how Irish music has somehow arrived at its healthiest juncture. The facts simply don’t back up this argument however, true there are more bands than ever pumping out new stuff thanks to the ever decreasing cost to record audio but these times are no better or worse that any other over the last few decades. There will always be half a dozen or so outstanding acts at the top of their game though and in 2011 the Gorgeous Colours certainly fit the bill. This Friday they are headlining at Crawdaddy and to entice people along they have awarded their self-titled debut the freedom of the city (and world outside). And what a joyous piece of work it is too, it may be 3 years old but there’s no greying whatsoever. We’ve dabbled with it’s pop fuelled insides a few times previously but here is another precious heart shaped vignette. KD

The Gorgeous Colours – Locksmith

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Year: 2008

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