La Sera – Never Come Around

Side projects don’t get much more swoonsome than Vivian Girls Katy Goodman’s La Sera. All it took was 120 seconds to have us in a state of giddyness with her spectoresque ‘Never Come Around’. That came out on 7-inch last November and was quickly followed up last month by a similar piece of whale extract called ‘Devil’s Heart Grow Gold’. To crown it all today sees the releases of La Sera’s eponymous debut LP which contains this delight. Retrobility is all pervasive at present but it hardly matters if it can be turned out with all the skill as ingenuity as the originals (and anyway I can’t imagine Darlene Love doing gruesome, see vid below, quite like our Katy – Spector, well that’s another matter). KD

La Sera – Never Come Around

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Year: 2010

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