The Mock Turtles – Lay Me Down

It took a few go’s before the Mock Turtles mega phone selling jingle lodged into public consciousness. Once there however it might take about a century or so for ‘Can You Dig It?’ to become unrecognised in your average room full of people. The Mock Turtles seem to have been left behind in the slipstream of their own creation which is a shame because they have at least half a dozen glorious slices of pop in their short back catalogue. Many were contained on their debut ‘Turtle Soup’ (and the album that followed ‘Two Sides’ which was merely an overhaul of its predecessor with marketing pound-signs attached). The grin in a jar that was ‘And Then She Smiles’ has been on here before so this time we’ll focus on ‘Lay Me Down’ and its druggy undertones as recounted by a slightly relaxed Martin Coogan (bro of Alan Partridge). You’ll hear psychedelic backdrops, that’s if you haven’t slip into a coma of leisure first. KD

The Mock Turtles – Lay Me Down

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Year: 1990

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