Tiger Bones – Kill Them

Tiger Bones releases Kill Them (as part of Go Over There) on Dedd Foxx next month. Makes you think really before you switch allegiances with your conscience and instead focus on the light tapwork going on below the table. This is about as lo-fi as songs that make it into the category known as songs get but to those within of earshot of the chair hugger calls home it is splendid stuff. Like a C-86 tape that was recently transferred onto hard-drive getting the digital remastering treatment along the way Kill Them has a buffed up sense of how things sounded in the old days. Or in the days when this particular dot on the net was trying to establish what made his hair stand on end. Tiger Bones are deliberately short on biographical notes so rather than pretend that we have the inside track we’ve decided instead to present a track from their insides. Wonderful shambolicism. KD

Tiger Bones – Kill Them

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Year: 2011

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