Weekend – Coma Summer

If you’ve got your ear to the ground or for that matter to most new music radio shows you will know that the Vaccines will more or less inherit the earth. Don’t mind so much because the bits I’ve heard from them have been pretty good. Whether they capitalise on all the positive advance press is in the lap of the gods but in their slipstream I expect to see a slew of like minded poseurs appear from nowhere. Can’t wait for that even if the hit to miss ratio will be balanced in favour of the latter. As a precursor to said noisy action here is something from Slumberland that came out late last year. Weekend are utterly fab, in a kind of what could have happened to the Strokes if they’d graduated from one of the best debuts ever to something approaching progression, with their glorious hotchpotch of influences including and very obviously MBV and the Wedding Present. The opening song from their LP ‘Sports’ is chaos and melody in heated negotiation, which after long deliberations leads to melody taking a tab and chaos a cold shower. A stew of toxicity, unless you’ve got the vaccine that is. KD

Weekend – Coma Summer

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Year: 2010

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