[Undercovered] Mumblin’ Deaf Ro – The Drowning Man

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By Kieran McGuinness (Delorentos)

When I was approached about this feature I had only one artist I had to mention, Dublin’s Mumblin’ Deaf Ro. Named as homage to his favoured blues artists, the quiet spoken songwriter has slowly produced two excellent albums, and will hopefully soon deliver a third. My only concern was which song to choose – half a dozen sprung to mind, but I settled on The Drowning Man, from 2007’s excellent “Herring & The Brine”. The production is simple and clear – and MDR’s husky voice will take a little while to get used to – but the reward is a beautifully cast tale about the importance of family. There are lyrically quirkier and wittier songs spread over his two albums, but I often go back to the line “Always hold the rope that ties you to your folks…. or you’ll be lonely as a lighthouse on a choppy northern coast”. I’m not sure MDR cares about his level of fame; but he cares about his craft, and so might be drowned out by those who shout louder. As the song says: Keep your heart hopeful.

Mumblin’ Deaf Ro – The Drowning Man

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Year: 2007

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