SXSW 2011: Digest #2

Our second look into the possible movers and shakers down olde Austin way. Sounds like the quality is up on other years going by some of these acts.


Not Welsh despite the spelling and just because they’re off-kilter doesn’t mean they’re Scottish either.

Oberhofer – Awy Frm U

More Info: Oberhofer


A backstage pass to an epic Stereolab gig from the last century.

Feathers – Water Music Treadmill

More Info: Feathers


Kinda jazzy but then the lady does moonlight down that particular genre.

Lex Land – Havana

More Info: Lex Land


Countrified drawl, indie heart, swoonsome slide into your affections.

James Hyland And The Joint Chiefs – Lancelot And The Lady Of Shalott

More Info: James Hyland And The Joint Chiefs



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  1. March 16, 2011

    Thought some of the SXSW artists were pretty good, tell them to check out a similar event called Sunset Sessions Rock! in June in San Diego. It gives indie alternative bands a chance to play in front of big radio stations from across the country, music supervisors from film, tv & ads, video game programmers, managers and record labels. It costs some dough to play like (2-8k), and you have to actually be good enough to get picked, but it’s a once in a lifetime chance to get in front of all these music industry people that can completely launch a bands career. February’s Sunset Session had 45 bands play to 800 music biz people. Check out info at to see how to get your band, or a band you think has potential, in.

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