Ny Akustik – Snävare Cirklar

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By Einar Ekström (Le Futur Pompiste)

Ny Akustik first surfaced during the mid nineties under the name Mono and released a 7″ with four songs, a couple of years later they had changed the band name and released a few more songs. There is hardly any information to be found on this band, it seems they mysteriously appeared and disappeared in a time span of only a few years. The song I have chosen is called ‘Snävare Cirklar’, and as the title suggests, it’s sung in Swedish. The production might be simple but the arrangements are genius and there is simply just something about this song that really grabs me and almost bring me to tears every time I listen to it. For me this is also a perfect example of the idea being more important than production; you don’t need much more than a few guitars, a drumset and a recorder to make a brilliant song.

Ny Akustik – Snävare Cirklar

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Year: 1999

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