PS I Love You – Leftovers

May or may not have been named after a movie where the best bit involved a Hollywood actress of some repute tripping over on her high heels. Thrilling stuff that had countless millions rolling in the aisles, makes you wonder really. Regardless this Canadian band have the makings of being somewhat special, if one was to go on the incendiary efforts of ‘Leftovers’ which appeared on a split 7-inch with Diamond Rings late last month. This is a mountain of sound that never feels overbearing, in fact it’s the subtlety in the chord changes and the swish vocal dynamics beneath the din that distinguishes it. Can’t help hearing a sort of Deerhunter grandeur at work here, a captivating introduction from a duo we’re likely to be hearing lots more from. All the lucky buggers at SXSW are in for a treat. KD

PS I Love You – Leftovers

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Year: 2011

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