Reverie Sound Revue – An Anniversary Away

Could the pendulum be swinging back in Canada’s favour again? Just hearing lots of great stuff from there recently so it would nice to have a second invasion on our hands given the virility of the original. Alberta’s Reverie Sound Revue have toured with Broken Social Scene in what would seem a natural stage for them given the freewheeling nature of both bands (as well as the fact that Lisa Lobsinge sings for both). Even though they formed almost a decade ago Reverie Sound Revue’s releases amount to an EP and a LP only (with a gap 6 years between both ““ inaction and temporary breakup). ‘An Anniversary Away’ makes a strong argument for their grind towards prolific due to the effortless way it coaxes beauty from the simplest of sources. It amounts to a delightfully swish few minutes. KD

Reverie Sound Revue – An Anniversary Away

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Year: 2009

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