Quiet Village – Victoria’s Secret

If there is an echo in your mind then let’s kill it dead with the revelation that ‘Victoria’s Secret’ borrows heavily (and in fact is just a subset) from the Chi-Lites 1972 hit ‘The Coldest Days of My Life’. Not that it makes the composition anything less than a perfect choice for white wine time on a Friday evening. We already know one half of Quiet Village as Matt Edwards moonlights as Radio Slave. His partner on this time capsule with subwoofers is Joel Martin who appears to have the knack for dressing up the old as something entirely new. This should wash over you as pleasantly as the waters in the Indian ocean, the wavey effects complete the sensation. If your fancy is taken and you haven’t quite got the heart to rip the cassette player from your delorean then press play and record at your convenience as Quiet Village’s ‘Silent Movie’ crackles in the background. A de-lite.KD

Quiet Village – Victoria’s Secret

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Year: 2008

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